Hospitality Industry | PPC, Display, & Social Media Case Study

Our team was tasked with executing pay-per-click, display, and social media campaigns with the objective of positioning Sailrock as a premier travel destination, while increasing awareness, social following and engagement, website traffic, and bookings. 

 Strategy & Tactics: 

  • Development of content strategy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Implemented community management strategy on social media, TripAdvisor and Expedia
  • Created an engagement strategy utilizing relevant industry hashtags
  • Launched Facebook advertising campaigns to increase fans, website  traffic, and reach of posts

Results (in 7 months)

  • Over 25,000 clicks to the website
  • 1,400 total rooms nights booked
  • 2,070 checked availabilities
  • Increased social following by 62% from 3,146 followers to 5,120 followers.
  • A 303% increase YOY in website sessions from social media
  • Over 15,000 social media engagements